MFA in Furniture Design, Rhode Island School of Design, 2017.             BFA in Environmental Design, The Maryland Institute College of Art, 2014. 

Email: ckable@alumni.risd.edu

Phone: 410 259 7122

Our interiors have become stark residues of the impressive structures that permit them.  Because of the efficacy and affordability of new building technologies, the human element of design has been compromised.  These materials and forms that have become commonplace in American architecture are torturing the psyche and have created a stoicism concerning our relation to the built form and the spaces we inhabit.  No longer are we animals of this earth.  

 We have alienated ourselves from the soil that bore us.  We must address these issues not by hindering our progress in engineering and technology but by more responsibly and ethically reacting to these structural forms.  We must rethink the edges and planes that are currently acting as a cage for the extents of the human mind.  We must be made more aware of our physical environment and not be afraid to be a part of it.  By implementing a more plastic existence of our interior spaces that allows for more sentimental material and form integrated with structural elements, Biophobia will die.